No Lies

Imagine you are like a character in a story you are writing. In the case of the story you are living, you are the hero, and life is the author. As in a story you are writing, what you ask for and what you appear to get are often not one in the same, although in fact they always are. Perhaps you desire a lover. You say to yourself, I feel so lonely and unlovable. If I had a lover to share my bed I know I would feel lovable as I looked across the pillow and thought, “Yes, I am lovable for there is the proof snoring gently beside me.”

Such is your prayer, but life isn’t paying any attention whatsoever to what you say with your words, life is only interested in what you say with your feelings. In this case, what you are really saying is, “I want to feel lovable.” You have your solution as to how to achieve this; life has its solution. Perhaps life’s solution is to provide no lover whatsoever. What better way to help you learn you always have been lovable?

You see you cannot lie to life. To lie is to say one thing while you feel another. Since life doesn’t pay attention to what you say, you are always telling life the truth, whether you understand that truth or not. It is a good lesson for writers to remember. Writing at its best has always felt like truth-telling. In that moment when word and true feeling align, you release at last the exhaustive belief that the truth was ever yours to decide.

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