An Island for One

Perhaps you have played the game of what book or album you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. The unspoken presumption behind this game is that we choose a book or album we love, a book or album that stimulates feelings to which we would happily return again and again. The books you choose to write should meet the exact requirement of the book you would bring onto a desert island. After all, you will be marooned with this story of yours for some time, and while marooned you will have to return again and again to the same feelings and ideas.

The only difference between your book and the book you would choose for the game is that yours hasn’t been written. And perhaps this would make it the best book of all for a desert island. The gears of time cannot turn so noisily within the dream of creation. And within that dream, instead of the idle and easy repose of a reader, you most don your adventurer’s pith helmet and set off on a journey into the depths of your curiosity.

In this way that island is not entrapment but liberation, and the journey into your story becomes the quickest way home.

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