Where The Fun Never Ends


My youngest son, Sawyer, was in fifth grade, and I was driving he and three other boys from his class to a horse camp for a big overnight fieldtrip. We weren’t long on the road before my son’s classmates began talking excitedly about their future: specifically, what they would own.

“I’m going to have a jet ski, and an ATV, and a motorcycle,” said one.

“I’m going to get a jet ski too,” said another. “Also a boat. Not a sailboat. A power boat.”

“What about cars?” asked the third. “I’m going to get a Porsche 911.”

“Everyone has the 911,” said the first. “I’m going to get a Cayman 718.”

On it went and on it went. They knew more about this stuff than I did. They seemed to know more about stuff period than I did. But I’d never been much into stuff. Sawyer, as was his wont, did not participate in this conversation. He was staring out the window as I used to when I was a boy. A long drive was the perfect opportunity to let your thoughts drift, the passing world a kind of visual white noise.

Meanwhile the boys were still yabbering about their adult toys. What empty ambition, I thought. They’ve begun a journey to learn how one day none of this will mean anything to them. I was surprised how early this journey began for them, but then again, they were just about the age when most writers learn they want to write. How soon, I wondered, after we learn this do we begin dreaming of success? And what’s the difference between fame and toys?

I knew the answer and it depressed me a little because I still wanted to be famous. It seemed like it would be fun. When you’re having fun, you’re not worrying about the future or regretting the past or judging the present, because there’s nothing better than where you are. That’s as good as life gets right there.

The boys’ conversation had finally wound to an end and each was now staring out the window at the passing world. I couldn’t blame them for wanting their toys. They were trying to figure out how adulthood would be fun. So were their parents, probably. So was everyone. 

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