Good People


I’ve just been invited to be a guest on Talk Cosmos, a local radio show that looks at life and spirituality through the lens of astrology. The host felt certain I could add something to the conversation even though I know nothing about astrology except that I’m a Taurus, which I have always felt meant I’m kind of boring. Apologies to any other Taurus’s out there, but that was always my conclusion whenever I read a thumbnail description of my sign: dependable, grounded, loyal, blah, blah, blah.

I want to be spontaneous and surprising and funny. The trouble is, I am dependable and loyal and more or less grounded. This is why I usually leave astrology alone. I don’t want my fate written in the stars any more than I want it written in my genes. I can’t change either. Though I fully understand the temptation to turn to some expert, some astrologist or scientist or doctor or editor, and ask: Tell me who I am. Tell me if I’m good.

I better understand that question now that I am in a position where people occasionally ask it of me. Usually the ones who ask are newish writers who want to know if they should bother pursuing this writing thing, if they show any talent, if they’re any good. I always answer the same way: Of course you show talent. Of course you’re good. I mean it too, regardless of how clear and compelling whatever work they share with me might be. I know too well that the only obstacle to our best selves is not talent but the fear that we are talentless, the belief that some people are just better than other people.

My goal when I look out the window is to see everyone as exactly the same. I’d rather not see old people and young people, black people and white people, Taurus people and Gemini people. I’d rather just see people, though I don’t always manage it. Still, I keep trying. This is not so much a spiritual practice as a matter of self-preservation. When I turn within, I want to meet a blank page, not a story already written. It’s the only useful place to start if I want to answer the question: What’s something good I could share with another person?

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