Life Can Be A Dream

For most people who write and publish books, the ambition to be a professional author, or even a semi-professional author, begins as a dream. In fact, many of the authors I interview will tell me, “It was my dream to one day see my book on the bookshelf of an actual bookstore.” Yet the dream is not merely to have your work published. This is too shallow a thing to yearn for, so shallow that it will never come to pass by itself. It’s the thing you want published that is the dream, and that has all the depth of your life itself. But there couldn’t be a more accurate word than “dream” to describe what it is you are doing when you imagine your future as a writer. Just as with the dreams that come to us when we sleep, the dreams that are our ambitions are so personal that that they exist only in our imaginations until they are shared. From day to day, from year to year, many trajectories of thought visit you, just as your story dreams visit you in your sleep. Many of these trajectories you ignore, but one or two light up for a reason you will never fully describe to another person. This trajectory becomes a dream of life, and if that dream is writing, the thought is the core, the source, of all you will try to share.

But this thing you are dreaming, this thing you wish to share in writing, it seeks the blood of like souls to find its full form. Remember, everything around you now, the computer on which you read this, the light by which your room is illuminated, even the socks on your feet, began only as a dream in some imagination somewhere. All of our lives as humans, all of it, are dreams made real; it is all we know.

You are dreaming every moment of ever day, whether you are asleep or awake. So it is not a question of whether your dreams will come true, they cannot do otherwise. It is only the question of which dream will come true. The coffee you made this morning was a dream come true – you dreamed the thought, “I want coffee,” and in about five minutes, you had it! Some dreams take more time and practice, but they always come true because that is what they are for.

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