Your Daily Dose

Welcome to the Editor’s Daily Blog. Because writing is a daily discipline, I thought it was time to begin writing to you regularly also. As I sat down to write this I felt a tiny ember of dread that sometimes burns as I head to my desk. Strange that, as if this day would be the one where the well would finally run dry. But I don’t believe in dry wells. There are wells that can be punctured with self-doubt and self-criticism, but no hole is too wide that cannot be patched with love. I love to write, for instance, and I love to talk to people, and I love telling people this: Everything Will Be Okay.

I’d like that chiseled on my tombstone, now that I think of it. You maybe think hearing, “Everything will be okay,” could get tiring, but you’re wrong. There are never enough ways to say it. The universe is nothing but a million ways to say it, and so I will say it to you again: Everything will be okay.

As for the blog itself, I promise to be a bit more practical. My monthly entries, thus far, have been soaringly impractical. No more, however. There will be talk of editors and agents and writing techniques, plus things I’ve learned listening to the writers I’ve had the pleasure to interview, plus anything else publishing-ish that gets shot across my bow.

And don’t be afraid to chime in yourselves. You can do so below, by clicking on the comments link, or by going to Author Speaks. The boards have been rather quiet so far, but I’m hoping you folks will liven them up now. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly communicative, feel free to drop me a line at with your questions, comments, cranks, or whatever.

Reach out. Write back. Writing is a solitary life—there’s no way around it—and writers are notoriously shy by nature. But that’s why there are magazines like this, and that’s also why there are people like me, writers who love to write to other writers. So reach out—if not today, then someday soon. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.

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