Back to School Review

by Cherie Tucker

September 2017

Say these aloud and read the sentences that follow aloud as well. If necessary record yourself, so you can play it back until it sticks.

SWIM I swim every day.

SWAM I swam yesterday.

(HAVE) SWUM I have swum regularly all summer.

DRINK Everyone should drink eight glasses of water a day.

DRANK I drank nine glasses yesterday.

(HAVE) DRUNK I have drunk so much water I feel like a sponge.

BONUS: For ten extra points say the following very fast ten times:

I shouldn’t ’a’ drunk so much last night.

You can break bad habits with practice. Start now.

Cherie Tucker, owner of GrammarWorks, has taught writing basics to professionals since 1987, presenting at the PNWA conference.  She currently teaches Practical Grammar for Editors at the University of Washington’s Editing Certification program and edits as well.

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