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by William Kenower

A quick update on one of Author’s many authors.  Here’s a great story from Diane Hammond who appeared in our October issue. 

When Hannah's Dream was about a month from its release of September 2, 2008, I was in a whole-body, cold sweat, certain I'd be the laughing stock of the literary world. My first editor (Random House) had flatly refused to publish HANNAH, my agent's enthusiasm was so tepid that she delicately suggested I could shelve the whole thing, and only one publisher wanted the book enough to make an offer.  

I made a frantic phone call to fellow HarperCollins author and dear friend Jean Reynolds Page, and blurted out, "I hate this book. I mean I really, really hate this book." 

Because she is a wise woman, and because she loves me, she said the two things I needed to hear: 1) "It's too late now" and 2) "You watch - this will be your breakout book."

And so far, to Diane’s own amazement, Jean Reynolds Page seems to have been right.  Hannah’s Dream is enjoying robust sales and excellent reviews. 

This story can be found in Diane’s excellent newsletter.  If you’d like to subscribe to it, click here 

In addition to being fun, informative, and colorful, it is an excellent example of what a well-executed author’s newsletter could look like (note: Diane has toiled for many years in the world of marketing and promotion, so she’s kind of a pro).

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