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Bless the Adventure: Love, Play, and Success



by Jennifer Paros


Security is mostly a superstition . . . Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

~ Helen Keller

BlessAdventure9aSmallMy husband and I were in an ongoing argument-like debate. After years of using a cell phone with questionable intelligence, he wanted something smarter – an iPhone. I agreed that his phone needed updating; compared to what the other kids were playing with, the phone seemed homemade. My problem wasn’t that I didn’t want him to have a shiny, new, fun thing. My problem was my relationship to my IFC.

IFC stands for Internal Financial Controller. I discovered and named my IFC in the course of the Phone Negotiations. I’d always been aware of my financial proclivities – my desire to save, my love of the coupon, and my concerns about spending too much. But until the recent conflict, I had never felt the necessity to clearly delineate me from my financial strategies.

My IFC stamped the potential purchase and additional monthly bill “UNNECESSARY LOSS,” so when I searched for options that might satisfy everyone, I found none. Eventually, I realized that though my husband and I make money decisions together regularly, this was a playful desire that was uniquely his. And though none of his logic seemed logical to me, there was something more important on the table – the joy of his adventure – something with which my IFC was unconcerned. After weeks of internal conflict, I realized that what I really wanted was to bless his adventure, not try to talk him out of it. more...



Are You Single?


by Cherie Tucker




I’ve noticed frequently that people aren’t distinguishing between two-word expressions and single words that are said the same. Check these to make sure you aren’t guilty of choosing the wrong one in your writing.


Already means previously. I already set the table.


All ready means everything or everyone is set to go. We’re all ready for dessert.


Anytime refers to whenever. Call me anytime you get stuck.


Any time means any amount of time. It didn’t take any time to drive here.


Awhile describes the length of an action. It will have to cool awhile before we cut it.


A while is the name of that time. I haven’t seen him in quite a while.


Everyday means ordinary or common. It’s an everyday happening around here.


Every day means each day. That happens every day around here.


Everyone includes all of you. This cake is for everyone.


Every one refers to all of the individual singles. You eat every one of those beets. more...






Finding Courage:

Why I Left Nursing to Pursue My Writing Career


by Misty Browne



I remember the day I graduated from nursing school vividly: my family was beaming with pride. I felt such joy, realizing that I was finally going to contribute to this world. I was going to be someone critical.

And I was. For the next several years I worked as a nurse, nurturing and caring for patients and their families, with a sense of love that rivaled that of when I first became a mother. When higher education opportunities arose, I looked the other way and pretended they didn’t exist. I felt comfortable and safe – yet not quite happy – exactly where I was in my career. I couldn’t put my finger on why I had begun to feel nauseated every time I thought about being a nurse for the next twenty years.

Yet I still wanted to be important, and at some point, watching everyone else walk away with advanced degrees made me feel smaller. I wanted to be better, feel better about my career choice and recapture the sense of pride I had the first day I started the licensed vocational nursing program.

I chose to become an LVN rather than a registered nurse mainly because the program took less time to complete. While the scope of practice varies slightly in responsibilities, in the state of Texas I was allowed to perform almost all of the same duties as an RN. I wasn’t becoming a nurse for the money, so the difference in pay between the two didn’t matter to me.

Feeling important at that time in my life was crucial to how I viewed my self-worth. Nursing brought that feeling back tenfold. Yet I was constantly being told by my superiors and nursing friends that if I didn’t pursue higher degrees in the nursing field, I wasn’t living up to my true potential.

So I enrolled in classes to work toward becoming a registered nurse. more...


September 2016

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