The Matrix of All that Matters

by Jennifer Paros

January 2014

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

~ Max Planck


When I was 23, I had a talk with myself that went something like this:

“You’re not dating anyone. It doesn’t look like you’re going to be dating anyone anytime soon. Who knows when you’ll date again; you may never get married; you may never have children.”

Though I’d never planned for my future wedding, saved pictures of gowns, or dreamt of being Mrs. Right, I had assumed that marriage would be my path. It sounded like a good path. But by the age of 23, it occurred to me that my life might take a different trajectory. That evening, in the quiet of my one-bedroom apartment, alone, considering the vulnerability of my former assumptions, I made my peace. I took stock, assessed, and clarified. I knew children were important to me -- so if I had none of my own, I’d find another way of being in relation to them. As for the marriage part, I accepted it might not happen.

It seemed I just needed to know I’d be okay if things didn’t go as I had thought. Once I got that squared away, I had little inclination to try and figure out how to make marriage and children happen. I wasn’t giving up -- I just carried on. Within the year, I was in love and soon engaged.

Acknowledging I was going to be okay, regardless, was my biggest achievement that night. Peace and quietness of mind opens us up to possibility.

One way of looking at what unfolded for me after that evening is that it was a random confluence of events. It was arbitrary and lucky that a high school boyfriend called (from another state) after six years without contact. On one level, this is true, but it also seems to me that there could easily be more at play on other levels.

In science, dark energy is an invisible force considered responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe. It makes up approximately 68% of the universe; 27% is made up of dark matter -- another invisible something, known to exist only by its gravitational impact. According to the NASA website, approximately 95% of what’s in the universe is unseen. This leaves around 5% we can actually see – “regular” stuff – also known as baryonic matter.

I can never “see” what helps me go from stuck to unstuck. When my drawing or writing isn’t working at first, I cannot explain how I then come to perceive the drawing differently or how an idea comes that makes the passage click. But the shift seems linked to relaxing an effort-filled, contracted state of mind. With my intention clear and my mind open, perhaps that same invisible intelligent, organizing force acts upon my life just as it acts upon the universe, helping to accelerate my expansion.

Much in the natural world speaks to this idea. Along with some other animals, the salamander regenerates body parts. It can re-grow limbs, tails, hearts, eyes, and more. Scientists say humans too have this ability but that these regenerative genes lie dormant. Currently in the field of Regenerative Medicine, we have already re-grown part of a man’s finger, organs, muscle, etc. using extracellular matrix. Extracellular matrix is the underlying scaffolding in all tissues and organs that calls cells in, assigns functions, and can signal them into new growth. The body’s natural intelligence is so great, when signaled correctly, it knows how to organize and design from scratch.

The capacity to heal is built in. All medicine is based on this reality. No medical approach, be it traditional or alternative, would be of any use if the body did not use the signal given (via operation, medication, therapy, etc.) to activate an innate intelligence that can guide it back to its natural state of health.

This “signaling” seems to be our job, not the intricate, complex organization and knowing how part. Perhaps the 95% that we can’t see is the part that does everything we don’t know how to. And just as it can be trusted to keep planets in orbit, our 100 trillion (or so) cells functioning and communicating in our body, and the universe expanding, it too can be trusted to bring the aspects of our individual lives, work, and relationships together in a similarly brilliant fashion.


Jennifer Paros is a writer, illustrator, and author of Violet Bing and the Grand House (Viking, 2007). She lives in Seattle. Please visit her website at

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