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Sir Ken Robinson
The author of
The Element.


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Brom on the narrative in the narrative in images.


Whatís My Genre, Anyway?
by Erin Brown


The Shift
by Bill Kenower


One of the main questions I am often asked by first time authors is, ďHow do I define my genre?Ē I always think itís incredibly obvious until I realize that perhaps I take genre definitions for granted because I spent so long in the publishing business. So Iím going to include an easy guide for picking your genre. Sure, itís a bit tongue and cheek, but itís definitely true as well.  

Autobiography/Memoir: You wrote this book, about your life. If a person with a typewriter and/or laptop has been following you around for years (with or without your knowledge) and has now written a book about your life, that is a biography  more...


This month in Author we are featuring interviews with two non-fiction authors, both of whom, I believe, are carrying a useful and timely message. 

Daniel Pinkís book Drive takes a scientific look at motivation. What he found, lo and behold, was that people are ultimately less motivated by money and safety than they are by an internal desire for mastery and progress. Sound familiar? While his book is aimed theoretically at the business world, I chose to interview Daniel because I felt his work and all that he has learned is directly applicable to writers. Writing is all about motivation, and the more you understand the source of that motivation, the better your work will be, and the happier you will be doing it. more...



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  Editor's Pick:
reviewed by
Jon Land

Oh, Let Go
Jennifer Paros


Abbey saw the sudden light before she saw the thing itself.  It came from behind the church, the harbor instantly as bright as day. . . .  

With that meteor strike in Maine, Doug Prestonís new devastatingly effective thriller Impact is off and running.  Thereís no shortage of intrigue here, three interconnected plotlines worth which Preston balances with the aplomb and skill weíve come to expect from him. more...


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The other day I was playing with our cat Lou and because he is still relatively new to me (we got him about a month ago), I found myself studying him. What I noticed as I watched him play, first tracking some string and then a small toy, is that every time heíd catch what he was after, he would soon let it go.  Because if he were to continue holding on, the fun would be over and the game done.  Letting go of his hold was clearly critical so the next thing could happen.   more...


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