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Eric Barnes

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Corey Doctorow on writing anywhere and anytime.


The Dos and Don’ts of Submitting to Agents
by Erin Brown

    The Finest Place You Know
by Bill Kenower

Do Find an Agent Who is Actually Interested 

First thing’s first. Do your research and find an agent who is passionate about your type of book. Savannah’s Broken Heart and Subsequent Bonding with Her Ten Bestest Girlfriends will probably not find a fan with an agent who exclusively reps science fiction. So even though your fellow writer told you the name of a huge agent at William Morris, make sure that he or she actually reps the type of book you’ve written. Exercise your mouse and head to the many Web sites that list agents and what kinds of books they represent.  more...

    One of the first pieces of advice a writer looking to find an agent will receive is to pay very close attention to the beginning of his or her novel. If the opening doesn’t grab the agent it won’t grab the editor, and it probably won’t grab the reader. So polish and polish those first five pages, we are told, and then scrub that first paragraph until it blinds you with its reflection.

Yes, yes, and yes. You must have a grabber opening, whatever that means for your particular genre.  more...

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  Editor's Pick: Doomsday Key
reviewed by
Jon Land

Stuck Where We Were
by Jennifer Paros


“World domination,” James Bond muses to Dr. No at one point of the film that helped create the action thriller genre, “same old plan.” 

Well, nearly 50 years later that plan is alive and well and living in the brilliant storytelling mind of James Rollins whose latest book, The Doomsday Key, further solidifies his status as the modern master of the action thriller. more...


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Several years ago we had Venetian blinds in our living room that were old and had deteriorated to the point where they could no longer be opened and closed using the handle. Instead, we would fuss with the remaining nub at the top corner of the window frame in order to adjust them.  One day I began daydreaming that I was in our living room struggling to open the blinds. more...


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