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Robert Dugoni
The author of
Wrongful Death


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Brom on the narrative in the narrative in images.

The Daily Minute brought to you
by Robert Dugoni's
Wrongful Death


Taste vs. Marketplace: An Editor’s Dilemma
by Erin Brown

Editor's Blog

by Bill Kenower

One of the most difficult things that an author can hear is, “I love your manuscript, but unfortunately, I can’t buy it—[fill in the blank of your genre] just isn’t selling right now.” “But, but, wait,” you think. “Everyone who’s read my paranormal Regency comedic romance says he/she would buy it in a second!” Ah, yes, your cousin, your mother, and even your writer’s group members would pony up some hard-earned cash for Lust Amongst the British Bogs: A Lady Philomena Love Story, but unfortunately the editor who also adores the story knows that the market is down for this type of bodice-ripper. (Please note that I am using this genre as an example only—do not throw away your paranormal Regency comedic erotica tale without doing some market research first.)  more...

    Imagine a movie that tells the story of your favorite author writing your favorite book. Where might the filmmaker begin this tale? Perhaps in the author’s childhood when he or she first discovered the joy of writing. Perhaps on the day the idea for your favorite book popped into the author’s head. Where this story would probably not begin is the day the book was published to great acclaim. 

Quite a dull story that, and quite an untrue one as well. I forget sometimes when I read a book I love that the novelist did not know that I would love it when they sat down to write. In fact, the novelist did not know anything about that book at all except that they wanted to write it. more...


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  Editor's Pick:

reviewed by
Jon Land

The Art of Finding What You Want
by Jennifer Paros


The death of Michael Crichton has threatened the very sub-genre he helped create.  So it’s a good thing Bob Liparulo has stepped in to fill the void as witnessed in Deadlock, a superb thriller that doesn’t just trample on Crichton’s hallowed ground, but blazes its own high-tech trail. 

Crichton’s problem, especially in his latter books, was blending humanity with technology.  So often, in fact, the machines and manufactured monsters had more personality than their creators and antagonists.  Not so in Deadlock.  This sequel to Liparulo’s equally bracing Deadfall finds John Hutchinson hot on the trail of Cheney-like military industrialist Brendan Page, whose latest wunderkind discovery pits juvenile soldiers against training avatars who may or may not be real.  more...


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When I was nine, I found a small plastic folder in the wastebasket.  It was black and empty of its original notepad.  But this folder caught my attention, and excited me to the point that it seemed so valuable, I felt compelled to ask my mother if it was all right for me to keep it.  She agreed and I ran off to my bedroom to spend much of the afternoon cutting down sheets of notebook paper into a makeshift pad that would fit inside.  When I was done, I had my first journal and I couldn’t wait to write in it.  When I happened to look into that wastebasket something in me had been alert and actively hunting, whether I was aware of it or not.  And because my thinking wasn’t fixated on any particular way things should be, I was able to see what someone else had perceived as dispensable, as being important to me. more...


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