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Wally Lamb

The author of
The Hour I First Believed



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Bruce Holbert on finding your path.


Please (Please) Avoid These Common Writing Mistakes
by Erin Brown

Editor's Blog

by Bill Kenower

After almost a decade in New York publishing houses, and now as a freelance editor, I keep seeing the same writing, ahem, “issues” cropping up again and again. Now you’re probably thinking, “But I knoooooooooow all of these. Duh.” Well, maybe not “duh” as that saying went out in 1987. However, the fact remains that I see these concerns over and over and over, in manuscript after manuscript, which leads me to believe that these lessons have not been imbedded into every first-time author’s brain.  more...

    Did you know that at the height of his creative powers, at a time when he was writing the music that would most-influence a generation of songwriters, Bob Dylan was booed regularly? True story. The audience was generally unhappy that he had stopped writing acoustic protest songs in favor of more poetic, and now electric, rock & roll. In “Don’t Look Back,” Martin Scorsese’s documentary about that time in Dylan’s career, we see Dylan turn to a friend in a limo ride home from a concert, and, wondering aloud about all the booing, ask, “So why do they keep buying all the tickets?”  more...  
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  Editor's Pick:
Miles from Nowhere
reviewed by
Judy Bryant
    The End of an Error:

by Jennifer Paros


I loved this book. It is the story of Joon-Mee, a 14-year-old runaway from her home in the Bronx, where her father has left and her mother is slowly leaving as her mind collapses. Rather than a chronological narrative describing her life, each chapter is a perfect little short story, which could easily stand alone, about some event or some relationship in her life. There is the chapter about a junkie she lives with; her life on the streets; her jobs as Avon Lady, dance hall hostess, nursing home assistant, hooker; her friendship and adventures with Knowledge; and her acquaintance with Frank at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. more...


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Once my youngest son and I were talking, and I suggested that at school, instead of running around pretending on his own during recess, he might try inviting another child to play with him.  I made this suggestion believing that connecting more to children at school might help him feel better about going.  

He responded: “I . . . don’t do that - that’s not my kind of thing.  That’s not what I do.” more...


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