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Alice Hoffman Interview
The author of The Third Angel: A Novel



Brom on the narrative in the narrative in images.



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  Dispatches From The Publishing Front

Inside the Agent/Editor Relationship
by Erin Brown

    Editor's Blog
by Bill Kenower

All authors need agents. Period. There, I said it. I won’t take it back, and you can’t make me. I’m sure there are a few of you reading this who think they’ll do just fine without one of those 15% grabbers, so I’ve put together a short quiz. If you answer “yes” to even one of these questions, you’re absolutely right: you do not need an agent. So stop reading because your book is certainly already published. more...

    I love that the phrase some English speakers use to refer to the perfectly chosen English word turns out to be French. As writers, le mot juste, the exactly right word, might seem like the peak towards which every writer is climbing, but I have come to believe that this concept of a perfect word or phrase is actually a kind of will-o-the-wisp that will always leave you disappointed with either your command of the language or your fellow human beings. more...


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  Editor's Pick: The Sister
reviewed by
Nancy Corbett
    The Horse Ate An Alligator:
Follow the Rules... unless you don't want to.

by Jennifery Paros
  Ginny Stone begins her narrative looking out from the arched stone window of her crumbling estate, wondering why her sister, Vivi, has chosen to return home after an absence of nearly fifty years.  Questions build instantly about this family’s dark history, but Ginny Stone is not going to provide the answers.  Ginny is mentally impaired and blissfully unaware of it.  As she tells her compelling story, the reader understands that she is an unreliable narrator.  Poppy Adams’ debut novel constructs the tale of this family through Ginny and then deconstructs it, leaving the reader with tons of questions.  Woven throughout is a rich, detailed description of lepidopterology, the study of moths.  more...

Horses Conformation



Recently I was teaching a writing workshop at an elementary school for their Writers In Residency program.  Part of the opportunity was to work with kindergarteners. One day, I sat with one of the classes and we started making up a story.  I asked them to pick an animal as a main character.  The group agreed upon a horse.  I asked them where the horse was going.  They said: a farm.  I asked them what the horse was doing.  They said: eating.  I asked them what the horse was eating.  And one little girl, filled with enthusiasm, shouted out, “The horse ate an alligator!”  There was laughter from the other children, and then another little girl suggested that the alligator idea was incorrect.  Horses, apparently, don’t eat alligators.  She knew this and wanted this knowledge to be implemented, immediately.  more... 



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